Turkey’s Four Most Beautiful Blue Voyage Routes

May 7, 2021 | Turkey

Gulet is a wooden boat with sails native to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. However, it was previously used in transportation and fishing. But in the 1950s, under the leadership of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı (author, tour guide, ethnographer, and travelogue 1886-1973), and a group of academics and intellectuals, including Azra Erhat and Sabahttin Eyüboglu, started to use yachts on their blue voyages and wrote about these journeys. And once people wanted to see these beautiful bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, they formed the first blue cruise routes according to these journeys.

The blue journey with gulet is not something you can tell. You have to live. Once you get used to it, you’ll never give up. The Blue Journey with gulet season begins at the end of April and ends at the end of October. The best time is between June and August. I have put together the best blue cruise routes in Turkey for you. I hope you enjoy it and one day you’ll have the opportunity to go.

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Fethiye – Marmaris

You can start this route from either town. For a long blue cruise, you can make a round trip in the form of a week. One way takes four days. This route is one of the most comfortable ones because of the calm water at the gulfs of Fethiye, Gocek, and Marmaris. These gulfs give you many options for the bays as well. In these crystal clear turquoise bays, you will be doing lots of swimming stops. While you are sunbathing on the deck of your boat, the scent of pine trees and thyme will come with the breeze blowing from the Taurus Mountains.

On this route, you can visit the ancient city of Kaunos and the rock tombs of the Carians. These sites are on the Dalyan River. So, you will need a smaller local boat to get to these sites. The nearest airport for this route is Dalaman.

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Marmaris – Datca – Marmaris

Datça peninsula extends from Marmaris bay to Aegean, and it separates the gulfs of Gokova and Marmaris. This route varies depending on weather and wind conditions. The starting and ending point for this cruise is Marmaris, and the nearest airport is in Dalaman. This route takes like a week. Once you start from Marmaris, you will cruise towards Knidos (Cnidus) by doing lots of stops on the way. Knidos is a beautiful ancient city built at the end of the Datca Peninsula. You can leave yourself in the cool water of the Aegean Sea right from the ruins of Knidos. Before you book this trip, you better ask to stop at Selimiye, one of Marmaris Peninsula’s gourmet spots.

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Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum

This route is the best-known blue route due to the popularity of Istanbul’s high society. It starts in Bodrum and ends in Bodrum again. Since you will be in Gokova Gulf, it’s a pretty comfortable route. You will be spending your time on your gulet enjoying the view, sun, and breeze or swim at the beautiful bays of Gokova. You will witness how green pine forests mingled with blue water, and after spending days, you will still be fascinated with it. You can do this route in 4 or 7 days, depending on your schedule. The nearest airport is Bodrum.

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Cayagzi (Demre) – Fethiye

This route starts from both Demre Çayagzi and Fethiye and takes 4 days. The nearest airport to Çayagzi is in Antalya and Dalaman Airport for Fethiye. The most beautiful place along the route is Kekova Bays and the island. Kaleköy, where the ancient Simena ruins are located, is especially worth a visit. You can also see the remains of a sunken city from the boat. In addition to swimming breaks in different small bays during the blue voyage, you can visit Kalkan and Kas, which are beautiful towns of the Mediterranean. It’s usually a comfortable route, but it’s better to check the weather in advance due to a couple of long cruises. Especially cruising through Patara can be tricky sometimes. One of the stops will be at Gemiler Island, which has beautiful water to swim in. But  I suggest you take a tour of this small island as well. The locals call it St. Nicholas Island because of the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church.

Orhan Pamuk museum in Istanbul

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